March 15, 2018


Testimonials [Kindness Idahosa, Idia College, Benin City.]

The aspirations of Kindness Idahosa was almost cut short in her prime when in 2000 as a JSS3 student, she was bugged down by a debilitating ailment ‘hereditary sensory-motor neuropathy’. This illness, which saw to the weakening of her nervous system, immobilized her and brought her education to an abrupt end. She was in this sore state for several years until she heard of the NAPVID EDUCATION FUND (NEF). It is to the credit of the fund that thirteen (13) years after Kindness Idahosa left school, she has been financially empowered to continue her education from where she stopped.

Testimonials [Friday Igweh, Ihogbe College, Benin City.]

Friday Igweh was an SSS3 student in 2008 when he lost his sight as a result of gunshot injury he received during a communal clash in Kajola community in Odigbo Local Government Area of Ondo State. From a very poor parentage, Friday felt miserable for four (4) years, agonized by his state of sightlessness until he heard of the NAPVID EDUCATION FUND (NEF) in 2012. Today, he has been fully rehabilitated and has his education back on track with the fund completely responsible for his schooling and accommodation.

Testimonials [Jangbadi Ifidon Richard, University of Benin]

In 2003, I was a 200 level Mechanical Engineering student of Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma. One morning in April, as I left for my practical lectures, the University shuttle bus I boarded got involved in a ghastly accident that led to the damage of my spinal cord. I was home for several years after my discharge from the hospital, making no meaning out of life until I heard about NAPVID in 2009. I was rehabilitated and told of the possibility of going back to school despite my physical and financial disabilities. I am now an accounting student at the University of Benin. Thanks again to the NAPVID EDUCATION FUND (NEF).
Network for the Advancement of People with Visible Disabilities (NAPVID)

Network for the Advancement of People with Visible Disabilities (NAPVID)