February 26, 2018


The “Counselling and Rehabilitation Department” in NAPVID which is saddled with the task of acclimatizing persons with disabilities through training to help them possess the task requisite skills that would accelerate their assimilation into society. The rehabilitation process where necessary, includes the provision of ambulatory equipment and other assistive apparatus adaptable for their use. In this direction, it is noteworthy that NAPVID through this Department have been able to transform the lives of several persons with disabilities including those in the hinterlands, through the donation of wheelchairs, crutches and walkers for the physically handicapped and mobility cane for the blind. Indeed, the number of persons that have been so empowered and integrated into the polity is on the increase. A number of physically challenged persons through our contact have been gainfully employed by different levels and arms of government and their agencies. We also interact with the organized private sector in this respect.