March 1, 2018


At inception, this body was originally particular about the welfare of its members and restricted to indigenes or residents of Edo State. However, spurred by the desire to create a soft landing for all and coupled with the need to treat disability issues concertedly and holistically and to shift emphasis from mere welfarism to pragmatic egalitarianism, the nomenclature was changed to Network Advocacy for Persons with Visible Disabilities (NAPVID) to accommodate all Nigerians with physical disabilities, and to approach the subject of disability as a human right matter.

The society tends to handle disability issues from the standpoint of charity. To them, persons with disabilities are to be pitied and be provided for during festive periods as they are only worthy of acts of benevolence and nothing more. This is unacceptable. It is our view that, disability issues are Human Rights issues and should not be treated any less.