NEF Scholarship/Grants disbursement

The Education of the physically challenged is at the hub of our activities as an advocacy body since it is an invaluable asset that plays a pivotal role in human development and enhances capacity building for greater productivity. As the nucleus of individual liberty and civility which opens a flood gate of opportunities, Education is the leveler and equaliser between the able-bodied individuals and persons with disabilities. It is the aptness of the foregoing sentiment that led to the establishment of the NAPVID EDUCATION FUND (NEF) which was inaugurated on the 3rd of December 2011. The NAPVID EDUCATION FUND is an arrangement, where monies sourced from donors and partners are administered in favour of Physically Challenged Students who have been denied the vital constitutionally guaranteed right to education. Through this scheme, several financially disadvantaged persons with disabilities now have an opportunity to be empowered through education, not only to become self-sufficient, but to also be better positioned to contribute their quota to nation building. In addition, this fund is geared towards providing assistive educational equipment adaptable for the use of Persons with Disabilities in general. Twenty Four physically challenged persons were the first batch of beneficiaries empowered financially by the NAPVID Education Fund, to live their dream of acquiring education for increased productivity. The event was the NEF disbursement of scholarships for indigent physically challenged students of tertiary institutions and presentation of grants to primary and secondary school pupils and students for the 2011/2012 academic session. The annual disbursement of scholarships and grants to deserving indigent students with disabilities is ongoing.

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