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Who we are

At Network Advocacy for People with Visible Disabilities(NAPVID), We advocate for an egalitarian society anchored on Freedom, Justice, and Equality where everyone will have unfettered access to the same social, political and economic rights and opportunities without any discrimination or distinction based on disability.

A wise woman once said; "We can do no great things, only small things with great love". Be a part of someone's smile.


"People should be assessed according to the content and strength of their character and not by their physicality. "
Advancing the rights of the physically challenged!

Mission To pursue the empowerment of persons with disabilities through education and gainful employment so that their social, political, economic and cultural integration into the body polity can be guaranteed. NAPVID believes that when empowered, persons with disabilities will emerge as professionals in various fields and will meaningfully contribute to the development of the nation. Over time, it has become evident that persons with disabilities are a resolved and resilient class of individuals who in spite of their physical challenges seek real opportunity to contribute their quota to nation building.

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The 2018 Napvid Education Fund (NEF) Scholarships/Grants Disbursement is here!

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